12 Years: 12 Epic Workouts (Special Edition Ebook)

12 Years: 12 Epic Workouts (Special Edition Ebook)

In honor of the 12-Year Anniversary of DeFranco's Gym, Joe DeFranco reveals the 12 most EPIC workouts in the gym's history. In this 30-page memoir, Joe shares the specific exercises, sets and reps performed by his professional athlete clients, along with a brief "history lesson" from each of the epic workouts. If you are a fan of DeFranco's Gym, you will love this behind-the-scenes look at some of the madness behind the methods! Here's a sneak peak at the 12 Workouts revealed in this special-edition E-book:

Epic Workout #1: "Superbowl Strength" - Max-Effort Upper Body Strength / Hypertrophy

Epic Workout #2: "Wrestlemania-Ready" - Full Body Strength / Alactic Capacity

Epic Workout #3: "Push-up PECtacular" - Upper Body Hypertrophy / Muscular Endurance

Epic Workout #4: "The 900lb Club" - Dynamic-Effort / Max-Effort Lower Body combo

Epic Workout #5: "4-Quarter Conditioning" - Football Specific Energy System workout 

Epic Workout #6: "The Knockout" - Full Body Power / Strength

Epic Workout #7: "Mile High Club" - Dynamic-Effort Lower Body (vertical jump focus)

Epic Workout #8: "Roots of Strength" - Max-Effort Upper Body 

Epic Workout #9: "Uphill Battle" - Dynamic-Effort / Rep Upper Body Strength

Epic Workout #10: "Warp Speed" - Speed training 

Epic Workout #11: "Savage Olympics" - Strongman training 

Epic Workout #12: "Christmas Eve Massacre" - Full Body torture


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